System Mechanic® Top Speed Tip #3:

Ask the Audience

Power in Numbers: Harness the power of millions of System Mechanic users to rev up boot speed using iolo’s exclusive Guided Recommendations

Here’s how:

  1. Always begin by clicking Help >> Check for Product Updates to make sure you have the most up-to-date version of System Mechanic. Note, the names and locations of tools may shift slightly between versions
  2. In the menu on your left, click Toolbox >> Speed Up
  3. Find Startup Optimizer and click Start
  4. Click Next, select Search for all startup program types and click Next again to have System Mechanic list your startup programs
  5. Review the User Community Results to see what millions of other users do with each program
  6. Use the Keep it on or Turn it off options to optimize your PC for improved boot speed.
    This tip is brought to you by the System Mechanic Team at iolo.