How to Split Screen on Your Computer

Multitasking can be a lifesaver in the digital world. What was once a specialist skill is becoming more and more of a necessity, no matter your profession or where you’re at in your career. But, fortunately, we’re constantly developing technology to help us be able to juggle multiple things at once. In this guide we’ll explore how to split screen your computer, the benefits of using it for work, how to apply it to both Windows and Mac systems, and how to use it to be more efficient in your day-to-day work.

What is Split Screen?

Split screen, also known as dual screen or multi-window mode, is a feature that can divide your computer screen into multiple sections. This allows you to display different applications or windows simultaneously, instead of having to toggle back and forth between the two. Being able to interact with multiple programs simultaneously makes multitasking easier, and gives you better visibility over whatever work you may be juggling.

How to Split Screen on Windows

Windows operating systems offer built-in functionality for splitting your screen, and there are several ways in which you can do it.

  • Via Keyboard Shortcuts: Press the Windows key + the left arrow key to snap the current window to the left side of the screen. Do the same with the right arrow to bring it to the right side. You can then select another window to fill whatever space remains.
  • Using Snap Assist: Drag the window you want to snap to one side of the screen until it shows a transparent outline. When you release the window it will automatically resize itself to fill half of the screen on whichever side it was dragged to. You can then choose from whatever windows you have left to fill the remaining space.
  • Task View: Open up Task View by hitting the Windows key and Tab key and then dragging and dropping your open windows into the places you want them to be.

How to Split Screen on Mac

Mac also offered built-in features to support splitting your screen.

  • Full-Screen Apps: Any apps that support full-screen mode can be split into split screen mode by selection the green button in the top-left corner of the window. You will then get the option to Tile Window to Left of Screen or Tile Window to Right of Screen. On the other side of the screen, select the second app you want to split the screen with.
  • Mission Control: Press F3 or swipe up with 3-4 fingers on the trackpad to enter Mission Control. Drag a window to the top of the screen until it becomes full-screen, then drop it into the space designated for split screen mode. Choose another window to fill the remaining space.

Enhancing Productivity with Split Screen

Split screen is both a convenient and powerful tool for boosting productivity while using your computer; there are several areas in which it can improve your workflow. It’s a benefit to any kind of multitasking, but also to tasks that require any kind of comparison or reference. It also makes data entry across multiple platforms much simpler, and is a benefit to collaborative tasks where you need to share your screen but simultaneously access your own tools and documents.

Using dual monitors

If you have access to more than one monitor you can extend your desktop across them, especially using split screen by actually splitting your screen. Similarly to split screen on a single monitor, this allows you to dedicate different screens to different tasks.

Customizing Split Screen Settings

Both Windows and Mac offer ways that you can customize your split screen settings in order to suit your preferences.

  • Windows – by going into Settings, then System, then Multitasking, you can adjust your snap settings. This gives you control over whether or not windows should automatically resize when dragged around.
  • Mac – go to System Preferences and then Mission Control. Here you can customize how windows behave in Mission Control, and decide whether they should be grouped by application, or whether or not to enable hot corners.

Troubleshooting Split Screen Problems

On the whole, using split screen is usually very straightforward. However, as with any aspect of technology, issues can arise. Here are some potential roadblocks you may run into and how to combat them.

  1. If your apps aren’t resizing properly when dragged to the edge of your screen, check that split screen features are enabled, and make sure your graphics drivers are updated. This can be done easily through a driver update software program such as GetMyDrivers.
  2. If you’re using dual monitors and the resolution between them is inconsistent, make sure they are set to the same parameters in their display settings.
  3. Not all apps are compatible to split screen mode. If you’re having trouble splitting certain apps you may need to use an alternative software.
  4. Always make sure your system is running on its most recent update to ensure you have access to all of the latest features.

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