How to Thwart Online Tracking and Protect Vulnerable Passwords

“Digital fingerprinting” is a method of identity tracking that makes it appallingly easy for online entities to examine the bits of data you leave behind on websites and figure out huge amounts of information about you, including your online purchases, income, debt, videos watched, web searches, vacation habits and much more.

Even VPNs cannot stop this process. VPNs mask your location by creating a false IP address so it looks as though your computer is browsing from a different location than your physical one. This protects your computer from any snooping your ISP may try to do. But after the VPN server, your traffic flows outside of the VPN encryption, where most of the digital fingerprinting scripts are injected into the web pages you visit, so you can still be tracked even when your VPN is enabled.

Privacy Guardian, one of the security products in iolo’s total optimization and security software suite Phoenix 360, studies the behavior of known digital fingerprinting scripts, and thwarts them by scrambling the data these scripts rely upon to track you.

The login credentials you choose on a website can be another clue your computer sends that can be used to track you. If you use the same login identity on multiple sites, that name may be easy to track down with a simple Google search. ByePass password management, also a part of iolo’s Phoenix 360, helps you create secure login credentials and encrypts them locally so you never have to store them insecurely within your browser. ByePass features autofill so you never have to type passwords, a process that leaves you vulnerable to “keyloggers,” and it allows you to remotely log out of all the websites you are signed into with one click, from wherever you are.

Privacy Guardian and ByePass are two products consumers today should not be without. When combined with the world’s best-selling Windows optimization software System Mechanic, the real-time dual engine AV System Shield, a military-grade hard drive wiping tool for safely disposing of an old PC, plus malware removal and advanced file recovery, Phoenix 360 provides complete protection, privacy and performance for your digital life.