The Importance of Comprehensive PC Protection

We use our PCs for everything – work, play, studying, pursuing our interests and ambitions. When something is that much of a staple in our everyday lives, it’s vital to keep it protected. Every time we access the internet our devices become susceptible to threats such as malware and viruses that can compromise our personal information. PC protection software can and should play a significant role in reinforcing your digital defenses, and in this blog we’ll explain exactly why.

Why Is Antivirus Software Important?

There are dozens of digital pitfalls waiting to trip us up every time we go online. These cyber threats can cause a wide range of significant damage, from data breaches to financial losses, and potentially even rendering your PC inoperable. If you use your PC for work, any kind of online banking, or storing sensitive personal data, you’ll benefit from the peace of mind that PC virus protection software can provide.

The best PC protection softwares are able to constantly monitor your computer and provide real-time protection by detecting and neutralizing any malicious activity. They should be able to do this without sacrificing any of your PC’s performance – in fact, most of the time you won’t even be aware your antivirus protection is running, until it alerts you to a crisis that it has averted. Not only can this software detect any viruses already in your system, it can provide robust defenses against any potential hazards in the future, and prevent them from gaining access to your data.

What sort of threats are we exposed to online? Let’s break down some of the most common offenders.

Common Viruses and Security Threats

Here are examples of some of the cyber security threats that can be kept at bay through PC protection software.

Computer Viruses

A widely-recognised term, a computer virus behaves in a similar way to a virus passed between humans. Its goal is to self-replicate and spread from host to host. A PC infected with a virus may not be able to operate to its full capacity, and the virus may also be able to corrupt and delete files. In extreme cases it can do enough damage to the system software to render your computer inoperable.


Spyware, as the name suggests, is designed to spy on your activity while using your PC. It may be able to record your keystrokes, browsing data, or sensitive files. This information is often gathered to be sold to a third party, and can lead to identity theft. There are some legitimate forms of spyware – most companies nowadays want to access your data in some shape or form – but PC virus protection can help to control what you do and don’t share.


A particularly nefarious form of cyber attack that often harms the elderly and less-tech-savvy among us, phishing is where individuals are tricked into revealing sensitive information. This is most commonly done via emails or untrustworthy websites. Phishers might want to steal financial information or other personal details they can benefit from – antivirus protection can stop their messages from ever landing in your inbox.

Trojan Horses

Named for the method in Greek mythology through which the Greeks infiltrated the city of Troy, Trojan Horses are malicious programs that disguise themselves as legitimate software. Unlike viruses they do not replicate, but they can be used by hackers to steal sensitive information, or to facilitate the installation of additional malware.

Man in the Middle (MITM)

MITM attacks are used to describe situations where the hacker looks to place themselves in the middle of an existing session, to eavesdrop on communications and gain unauthorized access. For example, when using public Wi-Fi (which is far less secure than private Wi-Fi), attackers can use specialized tools to intercept data transmitted from a device to the router.

What Else Can PC Protection Software Do?

As well as providing defenses against viruses and other outside threats, the best PC protection softwares will also be able to help with the following:

  • Password Protection. All of your passwords can be stored in an easy to manage, highly secure browser extension. Not only does this alleviate the pressure of remembering different passwords, it means you can choose more complex (and therefore secure) password combinations, safe in the knowledge that your antivirus software will remember it for you.
  • Tailored Privacy Settings. As previously mentioned, there are also lots of legitimate websites and businesses that are looking to collect your data. Comprehensive PC protection will allow you to adjust your settings to decide just who can see your data and when.
  • File Recovery and Secure Wiping: Most PC protection comes with options to guarantee file recovery, which is useful for when data is accidentally deleted, lost, or corrupted due to viruses or cyber attacks. Alternatively, if you intentionally delete or wipe sensitive information, your PC protection can overwrite these files to make sure that no one else can recover them.

Reinforce Your Defenses

PCs usually come with a small amount of default security, but as technology advances so do those wishing to use it for nefarious purposes. Over 200 million worm malware attacks were blocked in 2022 – and those were just the ones that were prevented.

Not only does reinforcing your PC’s defenses through antivirus software keep you and your data safe, it also contributes to a more secure online environment for everyone. Our System Mechanic Ultimate Defense suite can provide your PC with multiple layers of protection, and comes with a 30-day trial of Live Tech, our 24/7 technician-monitored support service.

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