Improve Computer Start Up Speed

Owning a computer that starts slowly is not ideal for anyone. Unfortunately, a common Windows computer or laptop problem which users suffer from is a slow start up speed. Having a Windows device that takes ages to boot is a serious issue that can cause a lot of stress and frustration for the user.
Regardless, you’ll be happy to know that if your computer is having a slow start up, then startup speed is a solvable issue with the right software installed, as well as sensible practices put in place by the user.

Why Do Computers Suffer From Slow Start Up Speed?

Various factors can cause a slow computer startup. Firstly, background programs can cause your computer to slow down when rebooting. In addition, outdated drivers and corrupted file systems could cause your computer to have a slow start-up speed.
Be wary that your boot drive might be full, preventing it from operating at its potential peak performance. It’s always a good idea to remove any external devices from the computer such as flash drives or SD cards when starting up your computer as these external factors could cause the startup speed to be reduced.
In some cases, you may simply have too many programs running at once which are attempting to start up at the same time as your computer which therefore slows the startup speed down. In other cases, your device could just be getting old, and might need to be replaced, but there are usually still ways of helping with an old device’s startup speed, such as installing iolo’s System Mechanic software.
You may find that it can be difficult to determine the cause of a slow startup laptop or computer until you begin to apply potential solutions and find what works best.

What Are Some Ways You Can Try To Improve Your Computer Startup Speed?

If your computer is slow on its startup, then don’t panic because there are methods you can implement to improve the startup speed.
Programs installed in the computer will attempt to startup at the same time as the hardware. This has been found to be the main reason for a slow Windows computer startup. Disabling programs as such, which you don’t use on a regular basis, can help speed up your computer’s startup time.
All in all, the less your computer is doing whilst starting up and the fewer processes it begins to run when turned on, the speedier your startup time will be. Improving your Windows startup time is also an excellent way to help your computer work faster and more efficiently in general.
Some other solutions you could try out to improve your computer’s start up speed are listed below.

Reduce startup programs

Startup programs are apps on your device that automatically begin loading whilst your computer is booting up. By limiting the number of startup programs on your computer you can speed up your computer’s startup.

Scan for malware

If your Windows 10 boot is slow then you should regularly be scanning your computer for malware because it could be eating up your device’s resources and in return slowing down your startup.

Upgrade memory storage

If you are using the computer’s hard drive as your main source of memory, then it might be time to consider getting an SSD. By using an SSD for storage, you could find a massive improvement in your computer’s startup speed.

Enable fast startup for Windows 10

If your Windows 10 is suffering from a slow start up, then try enabling the fast startup for Windows 10. The Windows 10 fast startup feature is a built-in program to speed up startup times. It’s been available since Windows 8 but needs to be turned on by default in Windows 10.

Upgrade to Windows 10 or Windows 11

Older versions of Windows may load at a reduced speed than Windows 10 and the brand-new Windows 11. Your device will startup even faster if you upgrade to the newest version of Windows.

Install iolo’s award-winning software

Despite all these tips and tricks, inevitably, investing in reliable and practical software to clean out, repair, and speed up your device is the best and most efficient way to improve your computer’s start-up speed.

How can iolo’s System Mechanic improve your computer’s start-up speed?

Clean, repair, and speed up your computer with iolo’s award-winning System Mechanic. In just seconds, you can revel in better performance, increased speed, and more processing power on your computer.


Your computer’s start-up speed will be enhanced and amplified through iolo’s System Mechanic software, increasing the availability of hard drive resources, and leading to a smoother user experience.
With this, the system is also capable of fixing more than 30,000 problems using artificial intelligence from iolo, enabling your device to turn on and run stably.  The system disposes of any bloatware and boosts your system’s start-up time. It does this by locating unwanted startup programs that are running on your computer, slowing you down by launching and running without your knowledge.
Clutter will also be cleaned out from your computer with the System Mechanic, disposing of over 50 types of junk, freeing up practical space on your device to make space for your important documents and downloads. This in return will also improve your computer’s start-up speed and general performance.

PC Optimizing Tips

Whilst iolo’s PC optimizing software can vastly improve your computer’s startup time as well as assist in improving general functioning, there are some other optimizing tips you could put into practice to improve the general performance of your computer.
Some usual reasons for a slow computer are down to having limited disk space left, too many startup systems active, unfound malware, or simply too many tabs open at once. The great news is System Mechanics can help identify and fix all these issues.

Remove old files

If you have content saved on the device from many years ago, such as old photographs and documents which haven’t been touched in a while, then simply delete them, or move them to iCloud storage instead.

Upgrade your RAM

An incredibly easy way to boost the speed of your device is to upgrade your RAM with an extra 2 or 4 gigs.

Clear your browser history

Your browser collects cookies and stores data from your search history over time which can decrease your PC’s performance over time. By clearing your browser and deleting your search history you could help your device to run smoother and prevent lags.

Regularly check for viruses

By installing up-to-date antivirus software on your computer, you can scan regularly for viruses and put the correct systems in place to deal with any viruses which are found. Viruses can seriously impact the performance of your computer, so it is critical that you have reliable antivirus software in place to deal with them.

Cool your device down

A hot PC will slow down, especially laptops. Therefore, it is vital that you take care of your device, keeping it stored in a cool place, not overcharging it or overusing it, especially on hotter days to prevent it from overheating.

Give your computer a rest

Remember to shut down your computer when not using it.  This is a simple habit you can implement to improve the performance of your computer.

We hope these optimizing tips and tricks can assist you in increasing your PC performance and improving the speed of your computer startup.

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