Thank You for Choosing Malware Killer™

Find and remove dangerous malware from an infected computer.

Malware Killer is advanced, on-demand malware remediation that can help remove threats that other AVs have missed.

System Requirements
PC with 64/32-bit Windows® 10, 8.1, 8 or 7, 65 MB HDD space, 512 MB RAM (optimal 2 GB), internet connection and Windows Administrator user account.

Installing Malware Killer

  1. Ensure that your internet connection is on and that no firewall or security programs are blocking outgoing access.
  2. To install from:
    • A CD: Insert the CD into your CD drive. Installation will start automatically for most users. If the installation does not start automatically: Click the Windows Start button. Type d:setup.exe, where “d” is the letter of your CD drive, and then press the Enter key on your keyboard.
    • downloaded file: Go to
      Choose a destination folder and click Save to save a copy of the Malware Killer installation file. Open the installation file from either your browser download tray or the folder in which you saved it. If the User Account Control window appears, click Yes. When the installer wizard opens, follow the steps onscreen to complete the installation of Malware Killer.
  3. During installation you will be asked to enter an Activation Key. Ensure that your internet connection is on and that no security software is blocking outgoing connections. Type the Activation Key shown on the CD sleeve/case. Completely type all letters and numbers, exactly as shown. (Any hyphens will be automatically entered.)
  4. Continue to follow the onscreen instructions to proceed through the installation wizard.
  5. On the last screen of the installation wizard, click Finish. Note for CD Installation: If you are prompted to restart your computer to complete the installation, remove the installation CD before you restart.

Troubleshooting Licensing and Installation

If you have any difficulties with the licensing or installation of Malware Killer:

  • Ensure that your computer is connected to the internet and that no firewall, security, or parental control programs are blocking outgoing access.
  • Double-check the values you entered for the Activation Key, making sure that no spaces are entered and that all letters and numbers are entered exactly as shown.
  • Some characters in the Activation Key (such as the number 0 and the letter O) can look very similar. Try double-checking the following: the letters O, I(lower-case L), I (capital i); and the numbers O (zero) and 1(one).

Getting Started

To start, double-click the Malware Killer icon on your desktop. Once opened, Malware Killer displays the Dashboard, which provides access to all of the tools in the program.

You should also see access to the free versions of System Mechanic, ByePass password manager, and Privacy Guardian online privacy protection.

Getting Help

Read the Malware Killer Frequently Asked Questions here.
You can also read Knowledge Base articles and tutorials here. Contact forms are also provided here, so that you can email specific questions directly to iolo’s Technical Support department.