How is Privacy Guardian Different from Free Browser Plug-ins That Claim to Thwart Fingerprinting?

Since iolo launched its online privacy software Privacy Guardian—available as both a standalone and within the total security and performance suite Phoenix 360—some users have asked: How is Privacy Guardian different from browser plug-ins such as Ghostery, AdGuard and CanvasDefender? AdGuard favors a common business model in which users get an initial version of the […]

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Phoenix 360: A One-Two Punch for Fighting Modern Malware

It is more essential than ever nowadays to protect your PC with real-time AV software that can block new and existing malware threats. Yet no AV engine, no matter how effective in general, is perfect.   Depending on a variety of factors—some software-based, such as how frequently the AV updates its threat database; others due […]

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New System Mechanic 16 Scans and Repairs Many Times Faster Than Any Prior Version

PC Magazine has awarded System Mechanic® their Editors’ Choice award six years and counting. And with the launch of new System Mechanic 16, there is much that’s new to keep writing home about. With a revolutionary new product framework designed to fully capitalize on the major advances in the Windows® OS beginning with Windows 7, […]

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Thank You for Choosing Privacy Guardian

Block access to your sensitive online data, device info and habits. Privacy Guardian thwarts online attempts to gain vast amounts of personal information based on your search history, shopping habits and more.

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The Secure Password and Credit Card Manager You Shouldn’t Be Without

In recent years many of the world’s largest companies have leaked users’ personal info, including Sony, Yahoo, Target, Home Depot, eBay, Facebook, WWE Network, Zappos, Evernote and LinkedIn. Most recently, hackers even forced the resignation of the Equifax CEO when they obtained the personal data of some 143 million U.S. consumers, including the credit card […]

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Can Your PC Start Up Faster?

When A PC Starts Up a major part of its sequence of actions is to load programs and services that are configured to open with the Windows operating system. Once these startup tasks finish loading, the PC is ready to use.

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Fight the Root Causes of PC Slowdown with System Mechanic’s Automated Technology

The Windows operating system naturally becomes sluggish the older a computer gets, and even new PCs require optimization. Yet system slowdown is entirely preventable. Below are the known Root Causes of PC Slowdown, listed with the automated System Mechanic® feature that prevents or fixes each. Below are more details on some of the most common […]

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3 Common System Repair Mistakes Most Pros Avoid

Your PC is crashing or slowing down or downright…glitchy, and you’ve just hurled a few choice words to the heavens about Microsoft Windows, but is it really your OS’s fault?

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Eliminate the Top 5 PC Performance Drains with System Mechanic

Have you noticed that the longer you’ve had your computer, the slower it’s gotten? iolo researchers have identified the top 5 causes of PC slowdowns and bottlenecks.

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How To Avoid Dinner-Table Tech Support

How To Avoid Dinner-Table Tech SupportHolidays are a great time to catch up with all of the friends and relatives you don’t get to see very often—but at most family gatherings, the more computer-savvy among us often find ourselves spending more time acting as unofficial tech support than relaxing and enjoying holiday meals. If you’re one of these lucky individuals, read on for a few tips on how to quickly lend your relatives a helping hand with their PC problems without letting it eat up all of your well-earned vacation time.

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How Hack-Friendly Are Your Passwords?

Find out today by downloading the trial version of System Mechanic® (includes a free version of password management tool, ByePass™).

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Secure Your Digital Life

Get ultimate protection with System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense™—secure password management, anonymous browsing, malware blocking, and so much more—all in one easy-to-use software suite.

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