How to Thwart Online Tracking and Protect Vulnerable Passwords

“Digital fingerprinting” is a method of identity tracking that makes it appallingly easy for online entities to examine the bits of data you leave behind on websites and figure out huge amounts of information about you, including your online purchases, income, debt, videos watched, web searches, vacation habits and much more. Even VPNs cannot stop […]

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Programs Hoard RAM: What Can You Do About It?

Today’s complex applications tend to be flawed in a way that compromises your available memory (RAM): they are good at commandeering RAM when they need it, but terrible at letting go once the app no longer requires as much. This accumulation of trapped memory—RAM that runs away from you—often occurs when certain programs are still running but idle.

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Clean out System-Clogging Clutter with PC Cleanup

Remove dangerous computer clutter with just one click using System Mechanic’s greatly enhanced all-in-one PC Cleanup tool.

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Liberate Memory Held Captive by Greedy Programs

We all know computers get slower over weeks, months, and years of use, but have you ever noticed how your PC starts off fast after a fresh restart, but then gets increasingly sluggish the same day, sometimes after only a few minutes of use?

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How Hack-Friendly Are Your Passwords?

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