PC Mag Awards System Mechanic 2019 Editors’ Choice for Best PC Optimization Software

System Mechanic® from iolo technologies has won the 2019 PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award for best Windows® utility. This is the eighth such award the editors at PC Magazine have bestowed upon System Mechanic, writing, “This excellent tune-up utility improves your PC’s performance by defragging the hard drive, deleting junk files, tweaking CPU and RAM usage in real time, and executing other computer-enhancing tasks. The latest version improves several longtime features, while adding a revamped, attractive interface.”

Among the many pros the editors pointed out are System Mechanic’s single product license for all the PCs in your home, as well as the array of privacy features designed with the aggressive data collection default settings in Windows 10 in mind.

For example, the easy-to-use wizard found in the Privacy Shield™ feature lets you disable Windows 10’s Wi-Fi Sense, SmartScreen Service, and Microsoft Data Collection and Telemetry Services. This helps prevent Microsoft from collecting and sharing your personal information.

To maximize your computer’s responsiveness—whether working with unwieldy applications like graphic design or video editing software, streaming movies or gaming—the real-time RAM, CPU, internet, and HDD optimization tools in System Mechanic are all valuable allies.

System Mechanic achieves results by reaching deep into the operating system to fine tune settings many utilities don’t access. AcceleWrite™ writes data to the hard disk in contiguous batches, minimizing fragmentation before it can slow down application launches and performance. RAMJet™ constantly looks for memory hoarded by dormant apps to deliver it to the tasks that really need it. NetBooster® tweaks over a dozen TCP defaults to ensure you are getting the fastest, most efficient broadband available.

After running System Mechanic, the reviewer reported, “Snappier performance. Chrome, Steam, iTunes, and other resource-heavy applications opened with ease after a tune-up. I could feel the difference.”

System Mechanic’s features for decluttering Windows, web browser caches, and the registry keep PCs clear of junk that over time confuses and slows down the operating system. ActiveCare® is the real-time feature within System Mechanic that performs these and other functions automatically, as often as the user chooses.

The reviewer notes that while Microsoft now offers a handful of Windows 10 utility tools, these are scattered across the operating system and lack many of the features of System Mechanic: “System Mechanic has all of its valuable tools in one convenient location. Windows 10 has its Disk Defragmenter, Storage Sense, and Startup applications all located in different places within the operating system.”

The review concludes by lauding “iolo’s excellent evolution,” and advises that if you’re looking to most conveniently increase the speed and responsiveness of your home computers, “System Mechanic’s evolution from tune-up utility to an all-around PC enhancer is one that you shouldn’t overlook.”

Learn more about what System Mechanic can do for you at www.iolo.com/system-mechanic.