Privacy Guardian Online Privacy Protection

In the age of constant connectivity, online privacy and secure browsing are no longer merely nice to have; they are mandatory.

Privacy Guardian™

  • helps ensure anonymous browsing
  • keeps search history private
  • thwarts digital profile-building or “fingerprinting” based on your habits
  • enhances identity theft protection
  • stops ad-trackers from following and targeting you

What you do online isn’t private. Without Privacy Guardian, companies and individuals can acquire enormous amounts of very specific information about you—your digital fingerprint—based on what you do on the internet, and much of this data can be used against you in various ways. Here are a few of them:

  • Ads Following You…
    …right into your email inbox. Why do ads for products you’ve just browsed follow you around the internet, appearing in banners and sidebars on the pages you visit? This technology that spies on your browsing and shopping habits to place ads in front of you all too often also leads to harassing spam emails as well. This is unsettling and annoying, especially once you’ve made a purchase and are no longer interested in ads for the product.
  • Personalized Pricing
    If an online retailer obtains data indicating you are shopping from a computer located in a wealthy neighborhood, it could mark up the prices you see on its website. This deceitful practice is already being deployed by some airlines, hotels and more.
  • Compromised Consumer Reputation
    Imagine being denied credit because a company has secretly collected data that suggests you are an irresponsible shopper.
  • Your Data For Sale
    Congress overturned F.C.C. rules requiring broadband providers to get your permission before collecting data on your online activities and selling it to advertisers. Without these restrictions, ISPs are sure to become even more aggressive with data collection.

The above are just some of the reasons you need anti-fingerprinting online privacy protection.

How much data is unprotected? Without Privacy Guardian, you may be astonished to learn just how much information about you is attainable from your internet usage. By protecting your digital fingerprint, Privacy Guardian enhances online identity theft protection and helps prevent companies and individuals from gathering your:

  • Internet Activity
    • Online searches
    • Videos watched
    • Websites visited
  • Financial Data
    • Income
    • Credit score
    • Debt and loans

  • Online Purchases
    • Medicines
    • Vehicles
    • Vacation habits
  • Personal Information
    • Age, gender, ethnicity
    • Political party
    • Marital/child status

Block access to your sensitive online data, device info and habits. Protect your private life with Privacy Guardian.