System Mechanic 16.5 Speeds Up Modern PCs with Revolutionary Process Disabling

New best-in-class Startup Optimizer finds and foils system-draining apps

The single biggest cause of PC performance drain today is unnecessary bloatware running without your knowledge. iolo technologies, the industry leader in PC optimization for nearly two decades, is proud to announce a visionary new solution to this problem with the creation of a completely redesigned Startup Optimizer feature, available only in new System Mechanic 16.5.

Emerging after nearly a year in development with an entirely new software framework that scans and repairs many times faster than any prior version, System Mechanic 16.5 is specifically designed to take on the newest challenges facing today’s modern machines.

The key component is the next generation of Tune-up Definitions. This sophisticated program identification system developed by iolo Labs draws upon a well-established database of over 30,000 Windows programs and processes to report to you items launching at startup as either:

  • Dangerous
  • Necessary
  • Unnecessary
  • System
  • User Choice
  • Unknown

This highly granulated classification allows you to make the most informed decision on whether to allow specific apps to launch.

What’s more, iolo Labs constantly receives machine reporting on new apps that are trying to launch at startup on actual users’ PCs, analyzes each, and adds them to the appropriate category in the TUDs database going forward.

In this way, only System Mechanic 16.5 constantly keeps pace with new causes of slowdown in the modern Windows era, by keeping the cacophony of uninvited, resource-hogging apps from launching and running without your knowledge.

Why do apps launch unnecessarily?
Windows computers are more powerful than ever. A major unfortunate consequence of this is that far more unwanted garbage launches itself at startup these days, because the modern Windows OS, system memory, HDD and CPU are far more sophisticated, vast and fast—and so can theoretically accommodate all of these apps running at once.

Another reason these unnecessary items elbow into the startup process is to appear as though they launch easily and quickly later, when and if you actually click on them. Unfortunately when they all do this, with complete disregard for each other’s existence, the very speed and snappiness they were keen to exhibit completely drains away, leaving you with a sluggish OS and a frustrating computing experience without even knowing why.

Making matters worse, all apps are large and complex today, forcing PCs and programs into a kind of arms race as system resources try to stay ahead of the apps that want to fully take advantage of them.

And many of these cumbersome programs do more than wait quietly in the background; rather, they further siphon precious RAM and processor power while pinging to upsell you, requesting your feedback, connecting to the web, and more.

Cheap PC cleaners don’t address this problem at all, and neither does Windows. Only iolo’s state of the art Startup Optimizer in System Mechanic 16.5 correctly and comprehensively identifies and disables this bloatware from launching.

The result is vastly improved system speed and stability over what is possible with only the still-essential program and data file defragmenting, top-to-bottom junk removal, release of trapped RAM, and other key maintenance functions System Mechanic also performs.

The new Startup Optimizer also features:

  • Community Recommendations to see what the majority of other users are turning on/off
  • New performance impact data for each item so you can really see what the major culprits are
  • New delayed start option for items you don’t wish to fully disable
  • Advanced grid sorting to display info just as you like it
Startup Optimizer

In addition to the new Startup Optimizer, System Mechanic 16.5:

  • Features multithread technology that can now scan and repair your entire PC many times faster
  • Finds whole new categories of issues and problems within Windows that are ripe for optimization
  • Leverages Windows 10 like no ordinary cleaning software, because it:
    • Protects the vital system registry from harm while other cleaners can’t. iolo’s registry cleaner recognizes Windows’ evolving new uses for the registry to help prevent more false positives and overly-aggressive key removal that can damage the OS.
    • Can prevent Microsoft from acquiring and sharing much of your personal data and user habits. Proprietary Privacy Shield turns off intrusive new Windows personal data collection services from one convenient wizard.
    • Can customize your internet for maximum speed by allowing you to easily apply specific broadband settings for streaming, gaming and more.
    • Helps prevent even more internet slowdown by disabling Windows broadband-hogging user-to-user Windows Update Delivery Optimization feature.
    • Keeps today’s high-demand applications running smooth and fast by fine-tuning processor and memory.
    • Takes full advantage of modern multicore processors to deliver even greater system speed than Windows default settings can.

New System Mechanic 16.5 finds and eliminates both the well-known and obscure, newly discovered offenders that tax the system unnecessarily, from file clutter and disk fragmentation to needlessly running background apps and trapped memory, to supercharge today’s modern machines and maximize your Windows 10 experience.

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System Mechanic 16.5 Speeds Up Modern PCs with Revolutionary Process Disabling