System Mechanic’s New Tune-up Definitions Eliminate the Latest Threats to PC Speed

As the creators of the world’s best-selling Windows® optimization software, System Mechanic®, the engineers at iolo maintain a body of ongoing research knowledge that feeds the regularly updated database known as Tune-up Definitions™. System Mechanic uses this as a blueprint to identify and resolve new PC problems and performance issues.

Tune-up Definitions contain up-to-the-minute intelligence on a variety of performance-tuning components. Currently, the Tune-up Definitions Database comprises four categories

The Program Information Database is a database maintained by iolo Labs with comprehensive information on tens of thousands of program files. It allows System Mechanic to analyze, classify and describe each program installed on your PC, display information on how it impacts system performance and reliability and offer built-in remedies to correct any negative effects on system performance.

The Registry Reliability & Problems Database is maintained by iolo Labs to catalog known registry problems, conflicts and safe remedies, all designed to ensure your PC registry’s integrity is safely maintained.

The Security Vulnerabilities Database is maintained by iolo Labs to offer complete knowledge of both past and newly discovered system settings that can put your PC’s health at risk.

The Junk Files Database is a database maintained by iolo Labs that is constantly updated with all the newly discovered junk file types.

The next generation of Tune-up Definitions is here
Now the automated, intelligent updates accessed from within the Program Information Database have been redesigned to leverage System Mechanic’s new software architecture and better address the new types of slowdown found especially in Windows 10.

As Windows evolves, Tune-up Definitions help System Mechanic keep up, finding increasingly effective new optimizations that dig deep within the operating system to keep your PC supercharged and running smoothly. With the major changes to Windows 8 and now 10, and the advent of the new modern apps, iolo Labs is now in the final phases of re-engineering this next generation of Tune-up Definitions.

The highlights include:

Real-time updates
The next generation of the Program Information Database is now capable of continuous, real-time updates that constantly keep pace with today’s rapidly evolving apps. The result is the elimination of many more types of computer slowdown.

Prevents more bloatware at startup
System Mechanic’s re-architected Startup Optimizer feature utilizes these next-gen Tune-up Definitions to help significantly speed up boot time by discovering whole new categories of unneeded startup items, while also providing more user control over dangerous and unnecessary ones.

Windows users can reap the full speed and stability benefits of these new Tune-up Definitions in System Mechanic 16, available at

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