What makes System Mechanic the safest and most effective PC performance product on the market?

We’re asked every day by ecstatic customers who have made the switch from another product: “How is System Mechanic able to find more problems, resolve more errors, and keep my PC running so much faster than the other products I’ve tried?”

iolo Labs™

The answer is simple: Aside from having the most robust toolset of any tune-up product, System Mechanic is powered by real science.

In 2001, iolo Labs was founded with one mission: find out why PCs slow down and become unstable over time, and then find out how to reverse this aging process.

The results of this ongoing scientific research have been encapsulated into what iolo calls Tune-up Definitions™. This information fuels System Mechanic with over 36,000 separately defined threats to PC performance and stability that allow it to scan, diagnose, repair, and speed-up your computer with laser precision. Tune-up Definitions™ are now provided as weekly updates to System Mechanic, with over 10,000 new definitions added in the last year alone.

Unlike one-size-fits-all “cleaners” or “utilities” that dangerously attempt to apply a single set of fixes to every PC (sometimes causing more harm than good), System Mechanic is able to intelligently adapt to a limitless variety of configurations, installed software, or special environments. This allows it to create a set of personalized tune-up actions custom-tailored for your specific PC–each time you use it!

As you install new software, upgrade your hardware, or even change to a new operating system, Tune-up Definitions keep System Mechanic informed and ensure it is always able to operate with maximum effectiveness and safety, which is how it produces the amazing results so many of our customers talk about.

Each day, iolo Labs makes new discoveries about computer performance and problem resolution that are used as the foundation for Tune-up Definitions. Now, in System Mechanic, you get these weekly updates free as part of your service plan, so you can rest assured your PC is well taken care of.

iolo Labs studies computer performance trends from hundreds of thousands of samples each day. This information helps identify emerging threats of PC stability which are then published as Tune-up Definitions updates.