Three Major Problems with Passwords Solved by ByePass Password Manager

Problem 1:
Insecure passwords cause approximately 80% of all data breaches, according to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.1

Solution: ByePass
With ByePass™ secure password manager, malicious intermediaries are thwarted from stealing your passwords because they are locally encrypted and only deployed as needed during login. Never again will you need to insecurely type or store passwords in your web browser where keyloggers and hackers can steal them.

Problem 2:
Today users have an average of 130 accounts with passwords; the number comes from one password company’s review of customer data.2 (ByePass does not collect, store or review customer password data.)

Solution: ByePass
While ByePass can’t help keep the sheer number of passwords down, it can make all of the chaos associated with thinking up, remembering and typing them an utter thing of the past. With ByePass, all you ever have to remember is one password. You log into the ByePass browser extension by typing your Master Password, and that’s it. After that, every password you’ve created is at your fingertips, stored safely with local encryption such that even ByePass cannot view them.

Problem 3:
The complex string of alphanumeric characters, capital and lowercase and special symbols companies require today makes it more likely you’ll reuse the same password once you’ve memorized one that meets all the security criteria. In 2016, Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre in 2016 actually recommended to companies that they simplify these security requirements to keep people from dangerously using the same password multiple times, as well as encouraging them to change passwords far more frequently.3

Solution: ByePass
Use the ByePass secure password generator to change your passwords as often as you like—they will automatically populate the login fields on the websites you visit, with no need to type them or leave them insecurely stored in your browser.

To sum up:

What makes passwords vulnerable to hackers?

Failure to change passwords frequently enough
Failure to create completely different passwords for every app/service/site
Failure to dream up sufficiently secure/complex alphanumeric combinations
Storing passwords in an unencrypted browser
Failure to log out of websites before leaving your device
✓ All of the above

ByePass helps prevent dangerous password breaches by offering a hassle-free way to:

Encrypt—securely store your passwords and credit cards with military-grade encryption.
Never forget another password—because you won’t have to remember them!
Securely organize—delete and throw away those dangerous password lists.
Ensure adequacy of your passwords—ByePass automatically assesses the security level of your passwords.
Cease typing passwords—ByePass will autofill them, and even think them up for you with its password generator feature.
Remotely log out—of all websites from wherever you are.

Stop thinking up, remembering and typing passwords with ByePass secure password and credit card manager, available in iolo Phoenix 360™.