Troubleshooting Computer Boot Problems in Windows


Figuring Out Computer Booting and Start-Up Problems

Most people take for granted that when they turn the computer on, there will be no complications… until the computer is not acting the same, and a bit of panic starts to sink in.

The truth of the matter is, starting up a computer is a pretty challenging process. If there is something significantly wrong with the computer, it might not start up and boot properly. That means problems can rear their ugly head before even logging into a computer.

A computer not starting up as it should happen for a variety of reasons. Whether it is a software, hardware, or other problem, there are ways to troubleshoot without costly assistance. Not only does this save time and money, but it reduces stress overall. Give a few of these troubleshooting steps a try before looking for more significant help.

Software Issues

Virus infection

There are countless viruses out there that can affect the computer’s operating system, and more and more are being developed all the time. It can be a hassle to try to proactively stay one step ahead of viruses, which is why so many people end up being affected at some point.

The simple solution
Antivirus software is simply a necessity in today’s world. While Microsoft provides some AV protection with built-in Windows® Defender, a more comprehensive solution like System Shield from iolo uses advanced artificial intelligence to help provide greater protection from the very latest threats. System Shield is available in iolo’s System Mechanic Professional® or System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense software packages, which also offer an expansive suite of advanced tools to keep your computer not only safe, but running at top speed.

Too many unnecessary programs automatically launching

Each time a computer boots up, countless programs are launching with it. Many of these programs are rarely, if ever, used. Worse, many users are not aware that these programs are running, draining precious CPU power and RAM that could be put to use with tasks you are actually performing.

The simple solution
The easiest way to fix this is to use System Mechanic’s Startup Optimizer™. This is the best way to detect any start-up settings that are causing more harm than good. Users have advanced options to customize a start solution that makes the most sense for them, opting out of unnecessary program launches before they can cause system slowdown.

Hardware Problems

The computer is too hot

Computers warm up to a certain degree when operating, but most people become well aware of too much heat coming from their machine when it occurs. When the temperature jumps up, there can be a host of issues attached.

The simple solution
Let the computer breathe. Many people do not recognize that they are causing many heating problems by not letting the computer breathe as it should. This means keeping it around a foot away from any large surfaces and making sure the vents are free to operate clearly as well.

Other tips include keeping the temperature inside under control, staying out of direct sunlight, and more. There are even cooling fans that people can put underneath their laptops if they are still having problems.

Computer booting issues are definitely worrisome, so it is better to address them sooner rather than later. Having some basic knowledge and dependable tools can significantly reduce the price of a fix in many cases. System Mechanic is one of the top software options out there for those needing a bit more help.

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