System Mechanic® Top Speed Tip #1:

Re-align for Reliability

Go deep with System Mechanic’s Program Accelerator for maximum responsiveness and long-lasting reliability.

Here’s how:

Important: This ultra-deep optimization may take some time, so it’s best to start it right before leaving your PC for a while, such as just before bed.

  1. Start System Mechanic and click Toolbox -> Speed Up
  2. Find Program Accelerator and click Start
  3. Select your C: drive and click Next
  4. Select both the Delete junk files… and Automatically defragment locked files… options
  5. Click the More Options link and tell System Mechanic what to do when it’s finished
  6. Click Show Advanced Options and select Consolidate free space… (leave unselected for a faster but less thorough optimization)
  7. Click Next to begin the re-alignment optimization
  8. Now your programs will start and run at peak speed and efficiency

This tip is brought to you by the System Mechanic Team at iolo.