Optimize Windows Startup

Speed up PC startup times

Optimize Windows Startup
Learn how to clean and optimize Windows startup processing. Remove unneeded bottlenecks and accelerate PC speed.

System Mechanic analysis and repair

Fix and speed up PC automatically

System Mechanic analysis and repair
See how System Mechanic analyzes your PC and then automatically runs the specific repairs and optimizations that are needed.

Program Accelerator

Jump-start sluggish programs

Program Accelerator™
See how to group and re-align each program's related files with patent-pending technology for the absolute fastest program load and run time possible.

Total Registry Revitalizer

Run all-in-one registry care

Total Registry Revitalizer™
Learn how to run Total Registry Revitalizer, an all-in-one tool. Keep your PC's most critical component - the registry - protected, clean, and error-free.

Designated Drivers

Update driver software

Designated Drivers™
Learn how to use Designated Drivers™ to automatically update out-of-date device drivers with Microsoft®-approved driver updates.

SSD Accelerator

Optimize solid state drivers

SSD Accelerator™
See how to automatically optimize a solid state drive and keep it running at top speeds with System Mechanic's fully-integrated SSD Accelerator™.

CRUDD Remover

Eliminate system drag

CRUDD Remover™
See how to find and root out speed-leaching redundant programs and other items you don't really use or need.

Memory Mechanic®

Reclaim valuable system memory

Memory Mechanic®
Learn how to defragment memory with Memory Mechanic. Reclaim valuable memory and improve PC efficiency, stability, and speed.


Boost internet speeds

Learn how to run NetBooster. Automatically tailor Windows settings to suit your PC and experience faster and more reliable internet access.

PC Cleanup

Clear out the clutter

PC Cleanup
Learn how to run PC Cleanup to clean out the unneeded files that clutter your computer and overtax its resources.