Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

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Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Key + L

Instantly lock your computer, requiring a password to log back in.

Windows Key + E

Opens Windows File Explorer, allowing you to navigate through files.

Windows Key + Tab

Scrolls between the user’s open Virtual Desktops.

Useful Windows 10 Shortcuts

For anyone who uses their computer regularly, learning certain shortcuts as time goes on can significantly increase ease-of-use, as well as productivity. Some might believe that shortcuts are only for users who truly understand computers, but even beginners can benefit from a few that are easy to remember.

What are some of the easiest Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts to start using today? All listed below take very little time to learn, and can easily save you hours.

The Most Useful Windows 10 Shortcuts

Windows 10 provides a ton of features. With a focus on simplicity and ease-of-use, shortcuts matter. No matter for what a user might employ their computer, at least a few shortcuts will prove to be very useful.

Windows Key + Tab

Use: Allows users to scroll through all of their open apps

The average computer has so many things going on at once. It can become overwhelming after a while, which is why having a pretty easy option to cycle through any open app is essential. That is exactly what this shortcut provides, making it much easier to go to and from different applications quickly.

New to Windows 10, this shortcut even works for virtual desktops. Without a shortcut, it can be pretty tedious to find each open application. Whether it is work or play, users often learn this shortcut and use it much more than they initially thought they would.

Windows Key + E

Use: Opens File Explorer, which allows for easy searching

A proper search feature on a computer is a must. When something can’t be found, this is the best way to start the search process. Using this shortcut is much easier and faster than manually selecting the search feature on the screen.

Computers can start to pile up a lot of different files, programs, and more. It can make your entire setup feel a bit unorganized. The good news is that System Mechanic, a utility offered by iolo, assists with organization and even deletion of certain unused files and applications. Using that tool as well as File Explorer helps tremendously.

Windows Key + R, then typing “Windows Media Player”

Use: Pull up Windows Media Player

A lot of users utilize their computers to consume some form of media regularly. Whether it is watching a movie or video clip, or simply listening to music in the background, having easy access to the app helps.

Using the shortcut pulls the media window up and makes life easier. The media player can be out of sight and out of mind in some instances, but by just pressing a couple of buttons simultaneously, it can move up to the front.

Using Control + P to play, and Control + S to stop are two essential Windows Media Player keyboard shortcuts. Also learning the function keys for the computer to handle volume makes life much, much easier.

Windows Key + L

Use: Lock the computer

Computer security is extremely important. Whether it is a work computer full of sensitive files, or a personal computer in a public area, keeping a computer locked when away can increase privacy. The simplest way to lock a computer is to use the shortcut combination of Windows key + L.

There’s no reason stepping away from your computer should cause any type of stress. Using this shortcut allows for temporary privacy and protection when users need it most. There are plenty of other security features offered through System Mechanic, but sometimes the simplest solution is the best one.

Sure, it might be a slight hassle to log back in once returning, but it is certainly worth the peace of mind. Locking your computer when away is a good security habit to develop.

Control + C (copy), Control + X (cut), Control + V (paste)

Use: Copy, cut, and paste text, media, etc.

If there is a set of three shortcuts every single user should learn, this might be the combination that makes the most sense. It is so valuable to have these shortcuts readily available, and once a user memorizes them, it becomes second nature.

Using these shortcuts skips the clunkiness of using a trackpad or mouse to get the same job done. Ask most users who utilize their computer multiple hours a day, and these shortcuts alonehelp save so much time.

Users employ this for anything from their own Windows emoji keyboard shortcut, to copying long blocks of text. When in doubt, these three shortcuts are there to help.

Why learning shortcuts matter

No two users utilize their computers the same way, so learning more specific shortcuts for individual use is crucial. Just a handful of tools can make life so much easier, cutting down on frustration and making the entire Windows 10 experience that much better.

An easy-to-use, well-organized computer can help out individuals aiming for a better experience overall. Do not be afraid to experiment with certain shortcut tutorials in order to find every useful combination. A combination of proper computer organization, keyboard shortcuts that are easy to remember, and System Mechanic can ensure a better, safer, and more efficient experience on your computer every single day.

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