Trends in Global Computer Performance Metrics

iolo Labs actively tracks global computer performance statistics for the purposes of identifying trends that may be affecting large populations of PC users. Statistics are submitted by a random sampling of opt-in participants who have chosen to securely and anonymously share system analysis data for purposes of further study. The statistics below reflect the average values found “in the wild” among the specified number of sampled computers over the specified date range.

Sample date range: September 1, 2012 – November 30, 2012
Total number of analysis samples: 48,564

Hard Drive

Average hard drive metrics

Free space:
308.30 GB
+6.48 MB (0.002%)
File clutter:
1,001.08 MB
-8.92 MB (0.89%)
Junk files:
5,755 files
+538 files (10.31%)

Average free hard drive space measured on sample PCs


Average file clutter (in MB) found on sample PCs


Average number of junk files found on sample PCs


Average level of file fragmentation measured on sample PCs


Average level of file system entropy measured on sample PCs


System Memory

Average system memory metrics
Installed RAM:
4.20 GB
+142.60 MB (3.52%)
Free RAM:
Average amount of RAM (in GB) installed in sample PCs iolo-labs-trends-graph-InstalledRAM

Average level of free RAM measured on sample PCs


System Startup

Average system startup metrics
Startup time:
106.11 s
+6.61 s (6.65%)
Average Windows startup time measured on sample PCs (Windows 7 and Vista) iolo-labs-trends-graph-StartupTime


Average registry metrics
562 problems
+132 (30.70%)
Registry fragmentation:

Average number of registry problems found on sample PCs


Average level of registry fragmentation measured on sample PCs

System Security

Average security metrics
No anti-malware:
No firewall:
Security vulnerabilities:
11.18 vulnerabilities
-0.78 (6.52%)
Percentage of sample PCs with no active anti-malware software iolo-labs-trends-graph-AntiMalware
Percentage of sample PCs with no active firewall protection iolo-labs-trends-graph-Firewall
Average number of security vulnerabilities found on sample PCs iolo-labs-trends-graph-SecurityVulnerabilities
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