Increase Your Internet Download Speed with System Mechanic

In this second article in the iolo Labs benchmark series, tests revealed that the internet optimization tool NetBooster® within System Mechanic® improved download speed on a variety of Windows® machines by an average of nearly 40%.

For nearly two decades, iolo technologies has been conceiving, designing and providing to the mass consumer PC market increasingly refined optimizations to combat slowdown. Here, we continue to quantify what specific performance improvements may be possible after installation of System Mechanic, as compared to the same PCs running without the software.


  • Internet download speed increased considerably across all devices.
  • Each PC saw at least 14%+ improvements.
  • 3 of 4 PCs realized over 20% faster downloads, with tablet download speed improving dramatically by over 73%.
  • The aggregate score (across all PCs) for Internet Speed was: 39.25% improved.

For each PC’s download speed results, see the chart below.

Download Speed
Improvement (%) after running System Mechanic

Download Speed Chart

These results reflect significant increases in internet download speed after installation of System Mechanic. Specifically, the fully customizable NetBooster tool within System Mechanic allows you to fine tune over a dozen separate TCP/IP settings to better adapt your PC to your specific internet tasks.

NetBooster can also run in a fully automated mode that discovers the optimal settings for general internet speed improvements, as well as help you easily restore factory internet settings as needed.


Popular download speed test websites were deployed to evaluate the performance improvement on a system optimized with System Mechanic:

Commonly used browser add-ons were installed on four PCs, including a convertible tablet, ultrabook, desktop and notebook.

Performance metrics were collected during tests run five times before and five times after System Mechanic was installed on each machine, with the scores averaged to deliver results across the following categories:

  • PC Boot Time
  • Internet (Download Speed)
  • CPU (Processor)
  • RAM (Memory)
  • GPU (Graphics)
  • Drives (HDDs and SSDs)

For detailed specifications on the computers and benchmarking sites used in these tests, please see the full iolo Labs white paper here:

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Increase Your Internet Download Speed with System Mechanic