5 Myths to Avoid When Purchasing and Maintaining Your New PC

Buying a new PC can be an exhilarating experience and the beginning a great relationship. But it can be easy to get misled by “everyone knows” opinions — ones  that don’t bear out in fact. Here are five common myths and the facts that dispel them.

Myth 1: The bigger the hard drive, the faster the performance.

“Go big or go home,” is a phrase commonly heard in the sports world, and while it may ring true in the field, it doesn’t necessarily apply to PC hardware. While you might be seduced by the capacity of a hard drive, size doesn’t always dictate performance. A hard drive running at 5400 RPM won’t read or write data as fast as one running at 7200 RPM, despite its ability to hold more. Ultimately, it depends on what you want to do with the machine. If you perform tasks that require large files and lots of storage, such as editing videos, go for a fast processor and then also a larger hard drive. And hey, if you run out of space, that’s what multi-terabyte external drives are for.

Myth 2: All new PCs come maximized for performance.

Many PC manufacturers stuff computers with adware and trial software that start up with the computer and slow boot up time and drain ongoing system resources. Good thing is, you can uninstall most of the programs you don’t need and make room for the stuff you like. System Mechanic takes streamlining to a higher level by safely uninstalling unnecessary programs that are running in the background. The result? Unleashed performance — even in a new PC!

Myth 3: A new computer is at its fastest and most efficient straight out of the box.

While some may be perfectly fine with the way their PC runs the moment they unpack it, more savvy users see the endless potential their new computer harbors for customization and improvement. In order to tap into your new PC’s true potential, you may want to remove unwanted pre-installed hardware that can decelerate your computer. Or you can install newer or faster RAM in order to speed processes along. While solid-state hard drives come at a higher cost, they’re advantageous in that they use no moving mechanical parts, amplifying their efficiency in reading and writing data.

Myth 4: Don’t turn off your PC without shutting down Windows first! You’ll crash your system!

You might have heard this alarmist statement from our techy dads, neighbors, or Doritos®-munching roommates. It’s common knowledge that if you’re planning on turning off your computer before you hit the sack, it’s better to go through the process of shutting down Windows in order to save your hard drive from corruption. This, however, may not always be the case. PCWorld ran a series of tests turning off PCs without shutting them down. After turning them back on and scanning for disk errors, they found that nothing was wrong with their files or hard drives. So if you need to rush out of the house and you don’t have time to formally shut down your PC, you can rest easy.

Myth 5: Your new PC is only going to survive for two to three years so enjoy it while it lasts.

If ever you hear this particularly grim death sentence, have no fear. With proper care and attention, you can extend the life of your new computer up to twice as long as anticipated. Is this starting to sound like car maintenance? In some ways, it’s not that different. Help prolong your PC’s vitality by making sure you have a sturdy motherboard, proficient RAM, and a respectable power supply. It’s also important to vacuum the dust inside of the machine to keep the hardware and fans clean so your computer doesn’t heat up. While everyone is guilty of this one, try to avoid eating and drinking around your PC because it only takes a single accident to ruin your day. Just a bit of TLC for your PC can help keep it—and you—happy for many years to come.

Getting a new computer can be both exciting and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes some research to find that a lot of the so-called facts are just myths. When in doubt, take advice from PC experts. To read about more myths that have been busted by iolo, check out The Top 5 Myths About PC Slowdown and Can Your PC Start Up Faster?

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