What is a Registry Cleaner?

Every Windows® PC has a database filled with preferences, settings, services, and more. All low-level settings for the Windows operating system can start to accumulate information and clutter and confuse the OS as time goes on. The database is known as the registry, and while Windows continues to make improvements on the registry, a registry cleaner makes sense as part of a maintenance routine.

Maintenance with any Windows PC is crucial to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Making it part of a habit will improve performance and prevent any problems from starting to pile up. It is one of the reasons why people count on all we offer at iolo. We make the maintenance aspect of fixing the computer as straightforward as possible, which reduces the workload for the user.

We encourage everyone to run a registry cleaner as their computer begins to age, but it is vital when there are noticeable slowdowns or other issues. Before doing that, what is a registry cleaner? Do they actually work? We want all users to have a little more information on how they work before downloading.

How does a registry become cluttered?

The more a person uses their computer, the more data is collected from different applications. Even if a user installs and uninstalls an application, there still might be some old entries that are stuck in the registry, clogging things up.

A lot of people will eventually start to notice the computer slowing down, and there might even be error messages popping up as well. While there might be some people who can do some fixes themselves, the vast majority will benefit from a simple, effective registry cleaner we have available.

Is it safe to edit the registry without software?

There are technically no restrictions when it comes to editing the registry on any computer. What most will notice is that this is a process that is not only complicated, but easy to make major mistakes. Unless a user knows exactly what they are doing, a much safer solution is to use our registry cleaner and benefit in that regard. Our registry cleaner automates repair to help ensure that the process is as simple as possible.

What changes will be noticeable after using a registry cleaner?

As time goes on, most people will begin to notice that their computer is slowing down, crashing or even shutting off at times. Some people even get to the point where they think that the only solution is to go out and buy a new computer.

Instead of going that route, there are many benefits to using our registry cleaner as a much more affordable solution. Our registry cleaner is designed to help give users the computer they used to have. Beyond a faster computer overall, here are some other benefits people may notice right away.

Adding Speed

The hidden truth that a lot of people do not know about their own computer is that a lot of companies put applications on the computer that are completely unnecessary and unused by the user. If too many of these applications are in the way, it can make the internet connection slower, loading Windows slower, and more.

With the internet, our registry cleaner can help increase the speed by repairing settings. If settings are damaged, the connection to the internet can run a little slow. Many users think that it is the internet provider or broadband availability slowing down the computer, which may indeed occur, but a registry cleaner can help with speed as well.

Sometimes, an operating system can really start to take a long time to boot up, and that is often caused by so many different registry files and settings on the computer. If just a few of these files are actually damaged, it is going to cause a lot of headache for computer users.

A registry cleaner helps to identify these damaged settings. With less problematic files, the entire system runs faster and safer.

iolo tries to ensure that the process of fixing the computer is as streamlined as possible, and that what we do is change that will last. It is frustrating for some people to see a boost temporarily, only for the computer to go back to normal and act slow again. Our goal is for a user to notice a speedier personal computer for a long time.

Safer internet browsing

The registry cleaner also helps reduce the chances of identity theft and security issues. Advertisers are utilizing cookies and other pieces of information collected from users more than ever to discover valuable information about them. When used deceitfully, stealing data is much easier than most people realize. Everything that goes into our registry cleaner has safety in mind for the user.

A cleansed registry means a safer computer overall. Browsing the internet might just be one factor, but staying confidential and anonymous online is of increased importance as privacy intrusions become more aggressive. Too many companies collect data on individuals without consent, and this is a way to fight back.

Reducing identity theft risks

Virtually every application on a computer saves some sort of data on the registry. This can be generic information, but it can also be personal information that hackers might be targeting. Even if a user removes an application, the data can stay on the computer and be ripe for stealing.

The only way to avoid this is to make sure to clean the registry thoroughly, deleting lingering personal data essentially collecting dust. Identity theft continues to be a problem all around the world, and a lot of hackers will feast on grabbing personal information in this way.

How often is a registry cleaner needed?

As great as registry cleaners are, the truth is that a user only needs to use one sparingly if they make the right purchase. Our goal at iolo is to help you use these tools as infrequently as possible.It is the greatest sign of our success that what we offer works if a user only rarely performs registry scans.

This is unlike most of the other tools in System Mechanic®, which should be run daily or weekly to maximize speed and stability. iolo makes this easy with our fully automated ActiveCare® feature, that goes to work cleaning and repairing whenever your PC is idle.

Is everything found by a registry cleaner harmful?

Most people are shocked by the number of files that a registry cleaner finds when they do their initial search. It can give people the impression that their computer is in very bad shape, and it needs a ton of work just to get back to full working order.

Are registry cleaners always safe to use?

The truth is, a lot of the problems many cleaners find are not really doing too much to slow down a computer. Collectively, they might be contributing in some way, but a conservative registry cleaner has its benefits. iolo is careful not to calibrate the registry cleaning feature too aggressively, to avoid the mistake lesser tools on the market can make: deleting critical Windows files that Microsoft placed in the registry as placeholders for future Windows updates.

Is it necessary to have automatic updates and cleaning?

Many competitors will point out that we do not offer much automation compared to others out there. We understand the appeal of having automated cleaning, privacy protection, updates, and more. However, cleaning the registry is not like performing regular PC maintenance, as noted above. That is why we leave it up to each user to decide when they want to use our registry cleaner.

Some will find that it is necessary to do it every few weeks, while others might go for several months. It all comes down to what a customer actually needs, and if they think it is worth the time. With a cleaner running automatically, it can sometimes kick on at a bad time. We prefer giving users control.

Registry cleaners: worth paying money for a cleaner computer overall?

With free options out there and Windows including their own registry cleaner tool on Windows 10, it might seem like a need for a third-party registry cleaner is a little excessive. However, there is a reason why people continue to pay money for a tool like this when they need it most.

There are many different issues that could be slowing the computer down, and using a registry cleaner is one of the fastest ways to comb through problems. More often than not, a registry cleaner is at the very least going to speed a computer up. What people are ultimately looking for is a refreshed, speedy computer that reminds them of the first time they started it up. A more efficient computing experience can be that much more enjoyable.

It is also worth keeping in mind that a lot of computer repair shops will utilize registry cleaners as a way to fix specific problems as well. The only difference is, they will charge quite a bit to run a tool that is pretty straightforward for anyone to learn. Instead of paying extra for one cleaning, having a registry cleaner ready to use at home just makes sense.

Finally, we are one of the few companies offering a registry cleaner that has unlimited licenses. This pays for itself in so many ways, as many competitors will charge for each computer. Having the ability to keep every computer in the household clean and as efficient as possible for one low price is a major plus.

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What is iolo's Whole Home License?

The Whole Home License® is iolo’s licensing policy that allows you to install and keep your software running on all of your compatible devices within the same home. Previously, users were allowed to install and license their iolo software simultaneously on a maximum of three PCs. Under the Whole Home License, a single activation key allows you to use your iolo software on all of your PCs, other than any PCs you use for business purposes. What you need to know about Whole Home Licensing

  • You, your spouse, and your relatives living within the same household may use the same license on any number of PCs that you own which are not used for business.
  • For full legal terms and conditions, see https://www.iolo.com/company/legal/eula/

To install your iolo product on additional PCs:

  1. On the additional computer, download the latest version of your iolo product. Choose from the list of downloads offered here.
  2. Follow the steps in the installation wizard, and enter the same Activation Key that you used to install on your original computer.

You can view the Activation Key on the original computer from within System Mechanic > red menu bar > key icon > Activation Key.