Protect Personal Data and Confidential Activity with Military-grade Security

Virtually everything you do on a PC is stored in activity logs or leaves a trail, even long after it’s been “cleared.”

System Mechanic ensures your privacy

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This article may reference older System Mechanic® features that have been replaced or enhanced in the current version.

Choose what traces of activity to permanently remove

Employs multi-pass military-grade wiping to ensure complete removal of all deleted data

Defeats forensics recovery techniques

Permanently and completely removes internet history and cache

Integrates Incinerator® technology with Windows Recycle Bin for high security

Cleans up after all major web browsers, online chat, and web toolbars

Why deleting, emptying, and clearing are not enough

Savvy PC users know to “clear the cache and browser history” as a basic privacy precaution, but most are unaware of the multitude of locations where common programs leave a vivid trail of activity that can be financially or personally devastating in the wrong hands.

Deleted files are not really erased – their space is simply marked “available” by Windows, and their contents can persist for months or years, even after you empty the Recycle Bin or format your hard disk!

Wipe files and purge activity logs the right way

Activity log tracks left by dozens of new programs as you use them can be safely and securely wiped away by the improved Privacy Cleaner™ tool in System Mechanic, which now leverages military-grade Incinerator® multi-pass data shredding technology.

Need even more data security?

For the highest level of data and security features, System Mechanic Pro also includes award-winning DriveScrubber®, Search and Recover™, System Shield® AntiVirus and AntiSpyware and Secure Online Backup.

Use System Mechanic with complete ease and flexibility

System Mechanic provides complete ease and flexibility to help you speed up your PC no matter what your experience level:

How Hack-Friendly Are Your Passwords?

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